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Health Center Research Advisory Council (HCRAC)

Supported Facilities


Biophysical Core Dr. Jeffrey Hoch
CCAM Microscopy Facility Dr. Ann Cowan
Central Electron Microscopy Facility (CEMF) Dr. Stephen King
Clinical Research Center (CRC) Dr. Cheryl Oncken
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) Dr. Evan Jellison
Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility Dr. Siu-Pok Yee
Research Histology Core Dr. Kevin Claffey
Microtomography (MicroCT) Imaging Facility Dr. Douglas Adams
Molecular Core Services Dr. David Rowe
NMR Structural Biology Dr. Jeff Hoch
Research Informatics Dr. Khamis Abu-Hasaballah
Research Tissue Repository Core Facility Dr. M. Melinda Sanders
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell and Chromosome Core Dr. Ren-He Xu, Dr. Judy Brown, and Dr. Rachel O'Neill